2018! New Years Resolution!!

Posted 1/14/2018
2018!  New Years Resolution!!

2018 is here!  Change your life, health, and improve your body! Now or Never!

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Welcome to Ultimate Fitness Online

You can be instructed directly by Ken Yasuda or communicate with Don Frye. If you don’t live in Los Angeles, this is the best way to be trained by Ken and communicate with Don. Not only as a world top ranking pro-bodybuilding champion, Mr. Japan, but also Ken Yasuda is a worldly known coach for Women’s Fitness Competitions, MMA fights, and Strengthening & Conditioning for all sports! . Don Frye was Ultimate Ultimate Fighting Champ (UFC) as the first complete MMA fighter of all time.

Don’t forget! Anyone who wants to get in shape is perfectly welcome. Anyone who just wans to chat by email with Don is perfectly good! You follow your customized routine made by Ken as you interact with him by email. Losing weight, Body Toning, Muscle Building, Conditioning for various Sports, etc. along with a meal plan, which works with your routine and lifestyle. The prices vary depending on what you are seeking for. Click here and see the package options! For Don, just sign up! 

Sign Up with Ken Yasuda

For Non-Athletes from 10 to 90 years old:

  • Weight loss
  • Body toning
  • Muscle building
  • General & core strengthening
  • Staying healthy

For Athletes:

  • Fitness & bodybuilding competitions
  • Strengthening & conditioning for all sports
  • MMA Flight Plan & Training
  • Trainees: Hawiian Tropic International Champ, Fitness America Champ, Other fitness/body building competitors, MLB players, LPGA player, WWE wrestlers, UFC champs, Beach Flah champ, etc.

What you will get by signing up:

  • Training Program
  • Meal Plan
  • Once a week review of questions
  • Video clips and pictures
  • Every 4 weeks, the meal plan and training program are changed as the trainee continues
Sign up with Ken

Sign Up with Don Frye

"Ask Don"    

You can talk about life, horses, experience, particular fights and anything fans may want to ask!

What you will get by signing up with Don:

  • Once a week, you can send questions to Don, and he will reply back to you by email!
  • Please summarize all your questions in one a week email!
  • You can also send your pics and short video clips to Don by email along with your questions. He will reply back to you.
  • ** Every 4 weeks, the subscription is automatically renewed unless it is cancelled before the next billing date is up.

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Raquel Barns

2016 Fitness American National Overall Figure Champion

“Mr. Ken Yasuda is my coach. I came to him because I wanted to look like a figure competitor but thanks to him I became the 2016 Fitness America figure pro champion. Ken has the capability of turning anyone into champion no matter what your fitness goal is and no matter what age you are when you start with him. I was already into my late 30s when I started training with Ken. Training with Ken I learned how to focus mentally and physically on my training as well as a proper diet. I could not have achieved my competition goal without his guidance and his training. Thank you so much Ken for everything.”